Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mini Campaign - Capture the bridge (1)

I have decided to run a sort of mini-campaign comprising of 3 battles linked together by the result of the previous battle. The first one will be -Capture the bridge , the idea being that the Austrians running short of rations and fodder for man and horse decide to cross into Prussian territory and pillage the local resources . So the first battle is a raid to capture a river crossing guarded by a small Prussian force comprising of a battalion of Frie Korps and a Jaeger Battalion , the Prussians have other troops off table which may or may not come to their aid depending on dice rolls. The Austrian force is lead by a regiment of Hussars and a battalion of Croats supported by 2 battalions of line infantry and battalion gun .
2 views of the battlefield with the Prussian camp laid out near 'The Alte Fritz' public house guarding the bridge . The Austrian Hussars can be seen entering the table . The Austrians have been given information of a ford down stream and are planning to use this in their attack .
All is quiet in the Prussian camp as the Frei Korps battalion have their morning parade , the Jeagers are billeted in the pub and surrounding buildings  and have not turned out (I wonder why ?).
The Prussian commanding officer Hertz Van Hyre ( a dutchman in Prussian service ) goes for his morning ride to inspect the camp , little knowing the impending threat . to be continued ........

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