Monday, 27 August 2012

A Wargaming Pledge (and a apology)

I came across these rules , been sat on my bookshelves for 4 years - unread . To make matters worse I bothered to paint two Samurai armies to go with them and so have not used them either !.
I bought two Peter Pig army boxes (think I had sold off some painted figures so I had come into money) and painted them up . I've always had a mental block about painting Samurai and believed them to be very complicated to paint so this was also a personal 'dragon slaying' project. In the end I greatly enjoyed painting them and was pleased to find that they were easier to paint than I thought !. However I  never got around to reading the rules , I even took them camping with me (for me usually a sure fire way of getting things read).
I was talking to 'S' about this and he said it was a shame not to use them , so I said 'I'll read them and have a game !' - some doubt was cast on this and he said 'Is it going on your blog?' - So I'm pledging to read the rules and have a game before the end of September !. Watch this space !..... Oh and the apology - 'A' called round and we had another game of Peter Pig ECW, so the game I had started had to be taken down and another set up and played - which I forgot to photograph AGAIN ! ,sorry about that .


  1. No appology needed. It sounds like my wargaming endeavours. And very much in the spirit of Peter Pig rules. Most of my armies either turn up late or not at all. I also have these rules but have never played them. Drat!

  2. LOL I now that feeling please use them in a game and post an AAR I for one would love to see some close ups of these figs

  3. It would be nice to see some BITAOW played. I had a go at two demo games a while ago (I think it was just before it came out), I really enjoyed it but never got around to getting anything for it.

  4. This is a period that haunted me for some time - painting an army is quite intimidating and choosing a ruleset... And, oh yeah, I'm not sure I would enjoy playing this style of game.