Sunday, 26 August 2012

An Old Favorite (Parte The First)

Been sorting out my wargaming room (my wife refers to it as 'The Toy Soldier Room' !?) and came across my boxes of Peter Pig 15mm ECW figures , I had already had a discussion with my wargaming colleague 'A' about the advantages of the Peter Pig rule sets so I decided to have a game as it's ages since I used them.

The first game I played was against 'A' but unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of the game - this is a common problem with me and the recording of 'live' games - I get carried away with the action and forget to take pictures , so I set up another game and will record it as it progresses.
I just love wargaming paraphernalia , here is the Peter Pig count down recorder . The game lasts potentialy 23 moves but a D6 is rolled at the end of each move and the score is deducted - when 0 is reached the game ends .
The first move - Montrose is on the left and the Covenenters on the right of the table. There is a clever prebattle campaign system in these rules that influence the resulting game , troops may be lost due to diseases or bad weather etc or may gain in experience . Montrose in this game was suprised by the Covenenters and only had part of his army on the table , the rest appear as reserves on a dice roll.
The Covenenter center mainly made up with conscript Foote and Highlanders . One of the advantages of the ECW is that you get to use words like Foote and Great Gunnes !
Montrose's right , a Irish Regt. of Foote moves down the hill to support some Mosstrooper Horse.
Montroses left flank is threatened by the advancing Covenenter Foote and dismounted Dragoons who are moving through the grounds of Glen Balochs House. Too be continued... 


  1. Nice minis and terrain...and blog too!

  2. Nice aar. the table looked really good. Nice Gadget. More Oink eh!