Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bad Language and Biggles !

One of my favourite subjects is WW1 aeroplanes , since I was a small boy I've always been interested in them - I blame the Biggles books !. Having played it using 1/72nd plastic kits , cloths pegs and bamboo canes many years ago and failed - was far to fiddly , its was with great glee when I discovered Wings Of War with prepainted aircraft and okay so you loose a dimension but its much easier and fun to play.

The trouble is the beautiful aeroplanes are spoilt by a very poor pilot figure - why did they bother, in the first issue they left the cockpit empty but in later issues the have a spindly nonentity .

However help is at hand in the shape of these tiny pilots from Peter Pig !.

The finished result - however between the two lies endless bad language , super glued fingers, a cut finger , more bad language , repainting of figure after paint came off whilst trying to glue it in and finally TRIUMPH !. First you have to remove the original pilot - easier said than done as he seems molded into the plane , next cut down the new figure - you are now left with a tiny piece of  metal which is easily dropped on the floor and lost forever - start again and glue into place with a blob of 'blue tack' to hold him in place . Luckily my wife was at work and the cats left the room when the swearing started .

And to prove it was not a fluke here's another one I did earlier !. I am slowly working  through my collection some planes being easier than others - Sopwith Camels are a swine to do !

 I have also decided to add magnets to the stands and aircraft to make them look like they are manoeuvring . This was quite easy - phew !

The ball and socket magnets in place . they are called 'rare earth' magnets , why? are they rare ? if so cost very little !

To illustrate Biggles banks right

And goes into a dive . Of no practical use but they look good when playing with them .Now were did I put my goggles ?....


  1. My groups rules for WW1 aircraft games accomodate altitude with a coloured dice system. It work very well.

    Send me a private email and I'll explain how it works if you are interested.


  2. Nice little conversions. great idea with the stands