Sunday, 5 August 2012

Old Faithful (TSATF Game Part 1)

Sometimes you hit the wargaming doldrums and feel that you should set up a game but your not sure which period to play , it's then I turn to TSATF  and the North West Frontier in particular , my wargaming 'comfy slippers'

I set up the terrain at random put three Imperial units on the road (a section of the Borsetshires ,a R.A. Gatling gun and a section of the 14th Punjab ) . I then drew a card at random from the 24+ pre generated Afghan forces and got - 3 Tribal units , a tribal cavalry unit and a unit of Afghan regular cavalry.

The locations of the Afghan units were randomly diced for and let battle commence.

The head of the British column under the command of Col. Randal Hill. (I'm pretty sure the Gatling gun was not used in Afghanistan and the Borsetshires are in Zulu war uniform )

The 14th Punjab's bring up the rear .

The wily Pathans lie in wait .

The Pathan cavalry under the resplendent Ali Khat .

The Afghan Regular cavalry move down the road (the pile of 1p coins is how many rounds of ammo a unit has - the Afghans only got 3 per unit , oh dear ! problems with the supply chain).

The tribesmen move forward to meet the 'foriegn dogs'!.

The situation at the end of the first move . The figures are a mixture of Foundry and Old Glory and have been in use now for about 20 years. Too be continued ............


  1. Nice start, table and figs look great. Look forward to part 2

  2. I shall be following this with interest: it gives me an idea for my Bhurpas...