Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Peter Pig Samurai.

In reply to my last post Brummie asked for some close up shots . I'm afraid they are not very good photos , its a lot harder taking pictures of 15mm than larger figures.
I found that the Peter Pig figures paint up very quickly , I used a black undercoat and then blocked the solid colours in and then did a watered down brown ink wash over it . I then touched up the highlights .
The generals command centre , I like the way Peter Pig does complete ranges with nothing left out .
I spent a bit more effort on doing the bases than I normally do . I got the ideas for colour schemes from the Osprey books. Well I've started reading the rules so hopefully we will see a battle soon.



  1. Thank you they look marvellous. I bet they look even better all massed ready for battle.

  2. Those are bloody good, very nice work sir.