Saturday, 11 August 2012

Old Faithful (TSATF Game Part3)

The Borsetshires move into skirmish order to make less of a target to the Afghans in the rocks . Lt Featherstone is wounded (centre of line) and Col. Hill takes charge . ( note the Afghan regular cavalry preparing to charge to their right)

On the start of the next move a random chance card was drawn .

The Afghan tribal unit charges the Gatling gun but is driven back - this makes the above card VERY  bad news for the Afghans .

The tribal unit attempting to get on the rear of the British moves slowly ( only 4" on 3 X D6 for movement) and the 14th Punjab have time to turn around and fire a volley at them . The Afghan unit pinned by the Gatling gun fails its rally test and cannot move (thanks to the chance card). The Afghan regular cavalry charge the British infantry , but the Borsetshires stand and drive them off with very accurate fire.

Another volley breaks the Afghans resolve and they flee from the Punjab's . At this point things started to go rapidly down hill for the Afghan force as they failed to make their morale checks .

The Tribesmen opposite the Gatling break and flee .

Before the Afghan cavalry can rally Col. Randall Hill leads the Borsetshires in a charge against the Afghan unit in the broken ground - who scatter ! . This glorious moment is immortalised in a painting still on view in their regimental museum in Borchester.

With this Afghan resolve faded and they retreated leaving the British holding the battlefield . Another great TSATF game , a close run thing at times but the Chance card turning up at that moment turned the game the British way . Once more TSATF  delivers !.


  1. Great AAR and pics. Looked like a good game (well not for the Afghans)

  2. They were very unlucky and their shooting was total pants !