Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Old Faithful (TSATF Game Part 2)

The Borsetshires move forward swiftly - Imperial units move on a red card being drawn , the next card was a red joker this meant they could move again !.

Apologies for this incredibly bad photo - nerves were getting the better of me , the end of the second move - Ali Khat's cavalry prepare to charge the Gatling gun.

A tribal band starts to make a flanking move through rough ground - natives do not get minuses in bad going.

Ali Khat dressed in full armour leads the charge . He believes it to be magical - which it may be as he has been wounded often but never killed in any games.

The British pass their morale check and open fire as the Afghans charge in - 4 casualties are scored and the ace of diamonds is amongst them - wounding the highest level officer present , so Ali is wounded but survives again .

In the resulting melee the Afghans rolled very badly (probably seeing their leader shot down) and lost the fight - The R.A. officer and the forces second in command Capt. 'Bob' Roberts dispatching two each . However a Afghan tribal unit is approaching.

The situation after move 3 , the Borsetshires have started volley fire against the Afghans in the rough ground to their front . The 14th Punjab have moved up but their right flank is about to be threatened by tribesmen sneaking up in the rough ground. Too be continued........

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  1. Great start to a wonderful looking game; the gatling gun certainly proved its worth in this encounter.