Sunday 27 January 2013

Other People's Property.

My wargaming colleague 'A' has been relocating his wargaming room and has been clearing out a lot of old , unused and generally not wanted figures , knowing my need for this raw metal for recasting into 40mm figures (see my other blog) he kindly donated it to me.
In repayment for this I agreed to build some more of the prepainted 4Ground buildings for him.
This time it was 3 log cabins and a terrace of houses. The log cabins were easy enough to assemble but they can be made into different layouts by adding extensions and  altering the position of the doors and windows. The terraced houses are impressive but slightly more fiddly with all those windows . The roofs are removable as is the first floor of the terrace.

Saturday 19 January 2013

O.S. FPW French Artillery.

I should have continued painting up infantry units for this project, BUT  I was lured into painting this French Artillery piece and crew.
Rather cute !
I have a Prussian gun and crew as well but I must stick to my painting plan and get some more infantry done first .

Saturday 12 January 2013

O.S. FPW First Prussian Regiment.

Been a good week painting-wise and have got the first of the Prussian units done.
It is going to be Infantry Regiment No .32
Found them much easier than the French to paint, the blue uniform jacket should probably a little darker to be historically correct - but it didn't look right so I lightened it a bit.
And as a added bonus my first French commander . My second order has arrived (very good mail order from Spencer Smith) so I may be tempted to do a gun and crew next .

Saturday 5 January 2013

O.S. FPW - The First Regiment

I've got the first unit of my Old School Franco-Prussian War painted. It's the French Regiment No. 48

18 advancing figures , a Standard Bearer,Drummer and 2 Officers
I  decided not to bother basing them as they have decent sized bases (unusual for figures nowadays !) and seem stable enough.
Unfortunately I ordered a standard bearer for the other French unit -the Chasseurs, only to find out that at this period in history they did not carry them ! - so another order has had to go in so I can replace the standard bearer with another trumpeter . I have also ordered another French line unit , a Prussian Jaeger unit and a gun and crew for each side.
Painted the blue and red colours a darker shade first then highlighted with a lighter colour.
The Regimental Standard is a downloaded one off Warflags website.
Sorry for the rather blurry photo of the basic French infantryman , he comes in 3 different poses -marching ,advancing and high porte so each unit will be different. Going to do a Prussian line regiment next.