Monday 25 July 2011


Finally got round to labeling my posts , a bit hard to get it to work (being no mechanical genius) but hopefully I will do it automaticaly from now on and it will make easier to find things in the future.

Sunday 24 July 2011

Charge of the Light Brigade

Got back to re-basing my 15mm Peter Laing Crimean War , in a spurt of activity I got the entire Light Brigade done and Cardigan as their Brigadier .

Sorry for the rather sub-standard photos but the afternoon sun was streaming into the wargames room window and I had to shut the blind and turn the light on which has done strange things to the photos !.

The Lancer figure must be one of my all time favourite wargames figures.

In the background Lord Raglan surveys the troops (probably muttering about 'putting them in a band box' ) . Must take a better photo of him and staff . I find photographing 15mm far harder than 28mm +.

 The buildings are some I  handmade over 30 years ago (!)

Friday 22 July 2011

Find the ford (4)

The remaining squadron of the Prussian Cuirrasier managed to form and charge the Austrian Dragoons . They were lucky with the dice , being outnumbered 2-1 and broke the Austrians . The Prussian infantry started to cross the ford.

The Austrian infantry deployed and open fire on the reforming Prussian cavalry .

The Prussian cavalry fled having received crippling loses , the first of the Prussian infantry rush to cross the river and deploy.

The leading Prussian battalion takes heavy fire from the front and right flank.

It looses its Colonel and the Brigadier and tries to rally

Comte De Fru Fru moves the artillery forward to support the infantry but it is almost wiped out by skirmish fire from the Austrian Grenz.

With casualties mounting the 1st Battalion starts to fall back . At this point I decided that the Prussians had lost !. The Prussians were loosing men fast and with the Austrians in such a strong position they could not hold the ford.

 The final positions,  the Austrians hold a strong line having suffered no casualties as yet and will be able to destroy the enemy piecemeal . The Prussians have no chose but to withdraw covered by their Jaegers . A good game but I think the Prussians were up against it once they found the ford , closer support by the artillery and the Jaegers might have helped  . The Austrians although having their cavalry forced to retire were able to form a strong firing line and destroy the Prussians unit by unit . Comte Fru Fru is at this moment thinking of excuses to tell 'Alte Fritz' .

Thursday 14 July 2011

Find the ford (3)

Barely had the Prussian cavalry crossed the ford and deployed when they were charged by the Austrians .

They lost the melee with General D'Laye being a casualty and were forced to retire .

The second regiment of Prussian cavalry cross the stream (Cuirassier regt. Von Schonaich-Carolath) not sure if this was a wise move - the dragoons can be seen retiring in bottom of picture.

Elsewhere on the battle field the remaining Prussian infantry move up - 2nd Batt. Von Finck followed by Jaeger Battalion Von Shack .

Under the supervision of Comte Fru Fru the regimental gun deploys and opens fire on the enemy cavalry .

 The Prussian cuirassier 1st squadron charge the Austrians and drive them back (lucky dice throws !) but then are caught in the flank by a fresh Austrian regt. and lose the melee.

 Anxiously Comte Fru Fru orders up the infantry to support the cavalry .

Situation at the end of this days play - in the foreground the Austrian infantry move up - impeded by the retiring cavalry , the cavalry melee in the centre , with the Prussian infantry moving up in background . Both side will have to use infantry to decide the battle . As I'm away this weekend it will be next week before a conclusion is reached..........

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Find the ford (2)

General D'Laye finds the ford for the Prussians on the first attempt !

He leads the Dragoon Regt. Von Lanngermann across .

The Austrian infantry march onto the table lead by the Grenz Regt. Ottocaner with the 1st Batt. Lothringen following .

The Prussian Infantry Regt. Von Finck are accompanied by their Regimental artillery .

The Prussians cross the river but are confronted by the deploying Austrian cavalry - things start to look a bit grim !.

The situation at the end of today gaming - I'm confind to the house at moment due to Hayfever  , should be gardening but the farmer is cutting the grass in the field behind our house - so good excuse to game !!! . To be continued .....

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Find the Ford (1)

Been ages since I did a SYW  battle , so I've decided to do a scenario from Grant's' Scenarios for all ages' Find the ford - both sides have to locate and capture a ford on the river that crosses the board . There are 6 locations and  when a unit comes within 6" of a marker a card is drawn - only 1 in 6 has the true location .

The armies come on at opposing corners of the board

The CinC of the opposing forces lead their cavalry onto the table

The Austrian cavalry Brigade moves towards the river seeking the location of the ford.

To be continued ......

Wednesday 6 July 2011

First British Crimea rebased

The first off the British infantry re based - 55th Regt. leading and the 30th Regt in the rear .

Took a bit of fiddling about to get the bases to look right and I ended up using ready mix filler to finish the bases after the problems with Basetex .

I also got a base of Russian High Command done , these are Minifigs 15mm

Sunday 3 July 2011

More re-basing completed

Got some more re basing done , this time it is 4 battalions of the Dniepier infantry regiment

With these finished it means I've got about 50% of my Russian infantry done . Think it is time to do some British and as my Basetex is giving out I will have to use ready mix wall filler and see how that does .