Tuesday 25 February 2014

Nearly Finished !

Well I've just finished painting the last 2 units of Infantry for my Franco-Prussian project.

This is my final Prussian Line Infantry unit , I decided on a marching pose as it will help distinguish it from the others.

I also did another mounted Brigadier for the Prussians , very Teutonic !

I got the French infantry in a marching pose as well .

It's just over a year since I planned and started this project and this finishes off the infantry contingents - 6 units per side plus 2 artillery pieces . 

The French Brigadier , I swapped the right arm about with the Prussian officer to add a bit of variety . I have the final 2 cavalry units on order to finish off these 2 armies . 

Sunday 16 February 2014

A.C.W. Union Regulars.

Rather pleased with myself keeping on track with my painting schedule - I can be such a wargaming butterfly and hop from one subject to another. I am attempting to finish off the ACW  lead mountain and so next up were this unit which I decided would be painted as Union Regulars , there is some evidence to suggest that early in the war the Regulars wore the pre-war dark blue trousers - so to make them stand out I've give them these. The figures are by Crusader Miniatures , who do a limited range of infantry . I wanted figures wearing the 'Hardee' hat and full dress frock coats and there are not many manufacturers out there who do them , they are nice solid figures which match the Perry's size wise.


Tuesday 11 February 2014

Cavalry For The Garibaldi Campaign.

Neither Garibaldi or his Neapolitan foes had much cavalry at the start of the Sicilian campaign , the only unit the Neapolitans had was the Horse Chasseur Regt. , which is portrayed above . 

Garibaldi had even fewer cavalry , in fact at the start of the campaign the Guides were not even mounted !. I have decided to give them horses - both units will count as 'small' under the 'Black Powder' rules. The figures are of course from Irregular.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Comfort Gaming (Part 2).

Unfortunately for the Pathans this card was drawn just before the Afghan regulars fled before the British charge - this meant that all future moral tests would be -3 , Oh dear !.

The Afghan regulars flee - never to be seen again !.

The overall situation , which is not looking good for the Pathans . In the top left a Tribal band flees from the Lancers , bottom left they are halted by the Lancers skirmish line . Two bands hold the village and have caused heavy casualties on the nearest Rajphuts unit forcing it to retire carrying off its wounded.

The pinned Pathans are caught by the returning Lancers and scattered !.

The other company of Rajphuts charge the village and -

The Tribesmen flee !

With most of the army fleeing the Afghans retire , here we see the commanders blaming each other . The British hampered by their wounded were unable to follow up . A cracking game - unfortunate for the Afghans drawing the chance card at the wrong time , but once more TSATF  delivers !.

Sunday 2 February 2014

Comfort Gaming (Part One).

Whenever I hit the 'Wargaming Doldrums' and are at a loss what to game next or lack enthusiasm -  I  fall back onto my old favourite The Sword And The Flame , 30 plus years old I find they still deliver !.In fact the would probably be my 'Desert Island rules set' .

My campaign of choice is usually the North West Frontier , here the Bengal Lancers move down the valley to intercept the Pathans.

The British Commander Col. Crawley (known as 'Creepy' to his men) .

The Wily Pathans lie in wait.

The object of the British force - a Russian military advisor , here seen have a disagreement with the Afghan leader.

The Afghan regulars open fire on the British force.

Capt. Broadbent leads the Rajphuts forward to get to grips with them !.

The Lancers advance , one Squadron dismounts to give covering fire.

The game is intterupted as the telegraph line is attacked by Hodge , note this photo is blurred as I lunge forward to rescue the telegraph pole from the jaws of the marauding cat.

The Lancers charge just falls short . The game is still in the balance and a further report will appear soon. The figures are a mixture of Foundry and Old Glory .