Friday 30 September 2011

Re-Basing in the Garden

Having the day holiday and with the wonderful weather we are having I decided to do something worthy in the garden . No not gardening - although there is lots to do out there - but re-basing figures . I bought these Spencer Smith plastic Hussars off EBay several months ago and they have sat in a box waiting for me to renovate them .

The work was overseen by Mathew who at the venerable age of 16 has seen a lot of wargaming . As a kitten he was a great thief of model trees (evergreen preferred) which used to have to be recovered from the garden . The Hussars were painted as a fictional unit so I have decided to leave them as such so they may be allied to either the Prussians or the Austrians as needed .

The finished Regiment rebased, paint touched up and waiting for a coat of yacht varnish to finish them off . Decided to call them the' Gutenberg Hussars '.

Sunday 25 September 2011

Aztec Warriors

Just finished this unit of 'cuahchique'  the Aztec equivalent of berserkers . (how the devil you pronounce Aztec words is beyond me !) .

These figures take time to paint as each one is different to the next .

A selection of senior Aztec Officers - who it seems are having a difference of opinion over the location of the enemy - 'Over there!' 'No over there!'.

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Lost Email adress

Could the gentleman who contacted me over the availability of Peter Laing figures please send me his Email address again as I have managed to lose it in my computer somewhere , sorry- Cheers Tony

Saturday 17 September 2011

Even more Gladiators

Found some more Gladiators or rather Gladiatrix , these are West Wind figures from their Gladiator Wars range not the most accurate portrayal of female gladiators peraphs but defiantly more sexy than the Foundry ones.

Foundry on the right , not sure if the West  Wind figures are still available .

These are West Winds 'ethnic' gladiators - L to R  German, Gaul, Egyptian (?), and Britain . Again a bit stylised but nice figures.

Finally a couple of Foundry of (rather out of focus) Dwarf gladiators.

Saturday 10 September 2011


Been busy painting up some more Gladiator type figures.

The figures are Foundry 'revolting slaves' .

They are a tough looking bunch and don't look a easy walk over by the average gladiator .
The Foundry rules play quickly and the average one to one fight does not last long , but they really start being useful in mass battles of 6 per side and more.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Union Artillery

To reinforce my Union army I have painted up this Foundry 10 pdr Parrott and crew .

I will be using the 6 figure crew to represent a 6 gun battery at present till I  get more gun models.

Sunday 4 September 2011

Uncle Toms cabin ?

Being on somewhat of a ACW  roll at the moment I  finally got this Perry cabin finished.

It was purchased about 3 years ago from a modelshop in Porthmadog in N. Wales and has been languishing in a cupboard since then . Its based on General Meade's H.Q. at Gettysburg. About 17 years ago I visited the battlefield of Gettysburg and can remember sheltering from the blazing sun on the porch of this building.

It was a bit fiddly to put together but looks the part when finished.

I mounted it on a piece of thin MDF , it comes with several sections of fencing which I decided not to use with this model and only added 2 sections of garden fencing to pretty it up . The Perry's do a store adaption to this kit as well although I have not seen this yet.

Confederate Artillery

Continuing my build up of my 25mm ACW  I have painted up this Rebel gun and crew .

The crew came from my wargaming colleagues A's spares box , they are Foundry figures, have decided for the moment to use 4 figures for a 4 gun battery and 6 figures for a 6 gun battery.

Thursday 1 September 2011

Perry Plastic Zouaves Painted.

The 5th New York attack at Gaines' Mill , 27th June 1862

Got the final few figures painted up , must admit I'm impressed with the Perry figures , they glue together well, but I do find them a little slower to paint than metal figures , I  find the detail a little muted and harder to follow.

I plan to use the second half of the box as Louisiana Tigers with the officers provided by spare plastics from the original Perry ACW  figures.