Friday 30 August 2013

Garibaldi - The Man - The Biscuit !

My delving into a project knows no bounds , so in the name of research I had to purchase ( and eat  ) some Garibaldi biscuits . These were first produced by Peek Freans  in 1861 in honour of the man . To pinch a quote from Alexi Sayle ( comedian ) ---
'it's quite interesting, you know, the number of biscuits that are named after revolutionaries. You've got your Garibaldi, of course, you've got your Bourbons, then of course you've got your Peek Freans Trotsky Assortment." [sings] "Revolutionary biscuits of Italy / Rise up out of your box! / You have nothing to lose but your wafers / Yum yum yum yum yum!"'

Wednesday 28 August 2013

First Fruits.

Have had a bit of a 'PaintFest' and got the first 12 of the Garibaldini done , the figures are very easy to paint and it's sort of like painting slightly more colourful ACW Confederate infantry . Got to 'Basetex'  the bases and paint the command and will post when this is done.

Monday 26 August 2013

Oh No ! Not ANOTHER New Project !.

Okay so I need another wargaming period/project like I need another hole in my head !, I blame Christopher Hibbert - for years I have been avoiding this book because of it's potential wargaming ideas , then I got a second hand copy and the rot set in . I also blame 'A' for NOT talking me out of it ! - instead he positively encouraged me to go ahead !  by pointing out that Irregular do such a cute range of figures for it and then lending me a couple of books on the subject .
Then of course Irregular do such a good mail order service (following day delivery) that before you know it I'm cleaning up figures in the garden ready for spraying instead of cutting the hedge !.
The figures are very nice with a certain quirky style with them (Garibaldi himself mounted to the left of the photo) and I plan to use them with 'Black Powder' rules . I will use the orbat for Garibaldi's first battle with 'The Thousand' so not to many figures to start off with (oh I've heard that one before!). Well off to spray them up . Oh dear what have I started !.

Sunday 18 August 2013

O.S. ACW High Command.

I've had these figures hanging around on my painting tray for ages and thought it about time to get them done. They are 25mm Tradition ACW figures - here the Union command for my Old School army.
This of course the Confederate command , as I am using 30mm Spencer Smith figures for the bulk of the army I was pleased to find these match perfectly. I normally don't base my O.S. figures on multiple bases but these looked appropriate and I found a couple of nice round bases in the bottom of my storage cupboard and  decided this a good way of using them .

Sunday 11 August 2013

DBA Camps Finished !

Got the DBA  camps finished , here slightly out of focus the Greek one .
The Spartan Sacred Enclosure - not sure if the Spartans had Sacred Enclosures but it looks impressive and different .

Saturday 3 August 2013

DBA Camps

I hate making scenery ! , its the woodworking aspect that I dislike most . My woodwork teacher at school said 'you will only ever be fit to cut down trees and make firewood!' (this was when teachers could express themselves in this way without being sued or the pupil going into a fit of depression !) (do woodwork teachers still exist in this modern era ?). When we started playing DBA about 20 odd years ago we did not bother with each army having a camp , which was a shame as they can be captured and add spice to the game . So this time around I thought I would make a camp for each army . Luckily nowadays you can buy all manner of accessory to help as illustrated by the above selection that I bought at Salute this year.
OUCH !!! that hurt ! , having made the blood sacrifice to the gods of wargaming I continued with my task .
There that was not hard was it ! . The one on the left is a Spartan sacred enclosure (sic) and the one on the right for the Greeks - hence the amphora etc . The rather smug looking fairy was rescued from the jaws of the puppy - suspect it may originate from next doors garden . Will let the glue dry then spray them black prior to painting . Am now off to seek first aid for my finger.