Friday 23 December 2011

A Merry Christmas To All

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all . 

Bavarian Limber .

Been looking for a limber for my Bavarian Artillery for ages. The trouble being that the Bavarians had a unusual limber with a high back like an armchair so not just any old limber would do . It turned out that the only firm to do one in 28mm is . Alan was kind enough to bring me one down to 'Warfare' at Reading and I've finally got round to getting it painted . Although of a different design type to Foundry it matches well . (click on photos to enlarge)

Thursday 22 December 2011

The Austrian Grenadier Battalion is finished.

The Austrian Grenadier Battalion is brought up to strength with the addition of a company of Grenadiers from the Infantry Regiment 'Daun'. As they march into camp they are greeted by their comrades in arms.

The Austrian General Staff inspect the Grenadiers.

General Mouters is impressed by their drill and conduct and promises them action  against the enemy soon. Grenadiers are of course Spencer Smith , the Generals are Willie -Tradition , tents by ? can't remember - had them years.

Saturday 17 December 2011

SYW New Figures and Carts

The Grenadier Company of the Infantry Regiment 'Luzan' on route to join the main Austrian forces in winter camp. (click on photos to enlarge)

They halt to be inspected by the local Mayor and his good Lady wife (whilst one of the woman of the lesser orders tries to attract the bold Grenadiers from their duty). Grenadier figures are Spencer Smith's , the civilians are I think Tradition 'Willie' figures. Had these figures in storage for about 12 months and with my New Years gaming resolution to get existing lead painted before buying more I  thought it was time to get them started.

Prussian supply waggons guarded by Fusiliers move through a village .

The waggons and teams are by Irregular , Fusiliers by Spencer Smith (converted Grenadiers) and the civilians from various manufacturers.

The figures are painted with Games Workshop Acrylics over a black spray undercoat and a high gloss varnish coat (Yacht varnish). Have some more Austrian Grenadiers to do to bring them up to strength( 24 figures + 3 Officers and 2 Drummers) and a Prussian Grenadier Battalion to start on soon .

Sunday 11 December 2011

Finished Figures from the Painting Tray.

These figures have been waiting to get finished for ages , they are Aztecs in 28mm by The Assault Group . A bit plainer than Foundry but since that firm has stopped producing their Aztecs I  will have to rely on Assault Group for more reinforcements.

 On  my other blog I have been deciding what to paint in the next year . so I will hopefully get some of the back log of already purchased figures finaly done.

These are some Bavarian Chevaleger , I  have a lot of 28mm Foundry Napoleonics to finish painting in the coming year .

 They have been painted in an 'Old School' style (click on photo to enlarge) 

Sunday 4 December 2011

FOW Re-Play (2)

Finished the game off this morning - as sometimes happens in FOW  if something goes wrong it goes MEGA wrong ! (click on photos to enlarge)

The Italian tanks shoot up the British Motor Company with M/G  fire - heavy casualties and they fail their moral and are removed ! - no British reinforcements arrive - Blast !!!.

The British light tanks are unable to capture the objective from the Italians (appalling shooting !).

The Italian tanks capture the objective and with no British reinforcements they hold it and win the game !. Great game even though I  sort of lost again, getting to grips with the rules and am now off to paint up some more FOW troops (well we have to go shopping first and put up the Christmas tree so  I'm told !)

Saturday 3 December 2011

FOW Re -Play.(1)

I decided to replay the game I  had with 'A', as it was already set out . (click on photos to enlarge)

The Italian tanks guard the objective.

Opposing them A/Cars of the 11th Hussars .

The Italian infantry hold the other objective with the Company HQ  covering it.

The Italian tanks respond to the British A/Cars bold movement.

The Italian HQ  is shot up by the British A/Cars - take a moral test and pass , the 'Unknown Hero' rule comes into pay !

Reinforcements arrive for both sides . The Italians deploy their Mortar Platoon - and are massacred by the British Lt Tanks .

The Italians get another Infantry Platoon and place it on the other objective , allowing the Italian tanks to move aggressively  towards the British objective - hotly pursued by the British A/Cars. Too be continued........ 

Wednesday 30 November 2011

Recent FOW Game

Had a FOW game last night against 'A' - lost disastrously - but good game ! . Got so into it that I forgot to take photos ! . Here's one 'A' took on his phone and sent to me , his victorious Italian tanks cross the table past my burning Vickers light tanks (DON'T  double move when you can be shot at !)  whilst my Motor platoon desperately try to reach a objective marker .

Saturday 26 November 2011

2nd Mississippi .

The 2nd Mississippi advance under fire !.( click on photos to enlarge)

Got this Regiment finished finally - had been put on the 'back burner' whilst painting up the FOW figures.

They are a mixture of 28mm Perry and Foundry . This is the 8th Confederate unit I've got finished and will be the last for the time being .

Thursday 24 November 2011

FOW Game Using My New Terrain .

Inspired by my new purchases of FOW dedicated terrain , I  set up a 600pt game.(click on photos to enlarge)

Played the Free for All Scenario , positions of the units were diced for as this was a solo game.

British on the Left - Italians on the Right.

A British Motor Platoon moves up (with new dust clouds).

They deploy .

The Italian Tanketts move forward onto the flank.

The Italian Motorcycle Platoon open fire on the British.

The Italians move onto the British Right flank.

The Italian Motorcycle Platoons take heavy casualties.(they withdraw and try and work their way around the British Left flank).

The Tanketts shoot up the British transport.

They take casualties.

They race towards the Objective. (the British A/C shoot them up with their A/T guns).

The Motorcycle Platoon sweeps to victory capturing the other Objective and winning the game for the Italians . Great game - time to st down and read the rules again . Think I am getting the hang of them though.

Monday 21 November 2011

Warfare 2011 (Or 4 Go Mad in Oxfordshire)(Or rather Berkshire!*)

Well maybe not mad ! but a good time was had by all and we left a good few £s with various traders . We all helped unload 'S's people carrier , thank the lord scenery is not a heavy as lead ! and set up the S&A Scenery stall . Then people dispersed to spend money before the crowds of eager buyers descended on the stand. I must confess I forgot to take photos on the Saturday - busy on the stand and busy buying!. (click on photos to enlarge)

The Spoils of Warfare, somebody was selling off FOW scenery at half price so I  maxed out on the opportunity !

'A' reclines on his bed looking at his purchases (just prior to this he managed to spill his water bottle over the duvet !)

'B' (left) and Alan the proprietor of Lancashire Games or neighbour at the show

'A' and 'B' man the S&A Scenics stand

A magnificent 54mm Napoleonics game , they were using 'Blackpowder' rules .

I was VERY  impressed by this game ! a lot of effort had gone into it .

Some of the reinforcements awaiting to go onto the battlefield .

 A WW2 Far East game with some brilliant terrain .

It aint alf ot mum !

I did take notes on who was doing each game - but have lost them (oops) so I  am unable to say who did what - apologies !

A demonstration SAGA game the new Dark Age skirmish rules everybody is talking about .'B' managed to obtain a copy (they look interesting) but when 'S' tried to get a copy on Sunday they had sold out ! and I  was told that they are having to do a reprint , having run out of the first printing !.

'B' and 'S' survey the customers ( I agree a little off putting !)

One of the FOW competition games with the very impressive Battlegames Sahara fort (I was tempted to buy one but resisted)

 I was pleased with the standard of the boards being used in the FOW  games much better than the normal competition games.

Brr ! cold !1

'A' and 'B' study FOW ! The show ended about 3.30 when traders started packing up - we were on the road by 4.05pm and back home for 9.30pm . A great weekend had by all !. * 'B'  has just pointed out to me I  got my counties wrong ! Oops !.