Friday 27 September 2013

Revamping ACW Artillery.

I've been dissatisfied with the basing of my ACW artillery for quite a while , most modern rules use 1 gun and crew = a gun section of 2 real guns - so a Union Battery would be 3 models . So being a wargaming butterfly I decided to ignore all the other things that need doing and start rebasing them . Above a Regular Battery of 10ld Parrot Rifles .(the lighting makes their coats look indigo , which there not !).
A Confederate Battery of 2 sections- 12ld Napoleon and 6ld Gun . I have got a copy of  'Longstreet' Sam Mustafas new ACW rules which I am trying out and will report back how they play - they look promising so far !, with a campaign game which you take the part of a Brigadier in command of a brigade of infantry .

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Neapolitan Infantry

I've got the first unit of Neapolitans done to oppose the Garibaldini - the 10th Regiment. This will be a 'standard unit' for 'Black Powder' rules although I will add another base as I think 16 figures looks a bit small !.
I could have painted their trousers white (summer wear) but being a wargamer I could not resist the winter uniform of red trousers . The Neapolitan regimental flags have a complicated coat of arms on them but with modern technology and 'cut and paste' I managed to knock one up - and now nobody can see it on the model - rats!!! , the flag pole took several attempts to get right as well . I 've started on a second unit so I'm pleased with the way the project is coming on .

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Redshirts .

I have got the first unit of my Garibaldini done , I think 16 figures looks to small so I may add another base .
I will be using them with the popular 'Black Powder' rule set and will have 5 bases as my standard unit .
These have been painted up as Garibaldi's Genoese Carabineers and will count as a 'small' unit under the rules. I have got some of their Neapolitan opponents done but not quite finished as they need a flag and our printer has run out of ink and I keep forgetting to buy some .

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Donald Featherstone R.I.P.

Turned on the computer this morning to find out that Donald Featherstone had died , I never met the man but his book (above) altered my life and sent it down the path of endless painting of toy soldiers and wargaming - for this I feel I am very fortunate indeed . A great man - we shall not see his like again