Monday 30 May 2011

Capture the bridge (2)

It was move 4 before the Prussians became alerted to the fact that they were being attacked .

A messenger was dispatched for reinforcements as the troops swiftly assemble.

The Austrian force marches onto the table and the Hussars find and start crossing the ford .

The Austrian commander Prince Karl Grunte decides to reinforce the Hussars with the Croat Grenz .

The Hussars having crossed the ford deploy into line and the Grenz follow them across the stream .

The Prussian Frei Korp form a line in front of the camp and the Jaegers deploy on their flank.

The Hussars managed to charge home even though they lost their Colonel and 3 figures , they broke the Frie Korp line and persued them into the camp .

On the other flank the Austrian infantry column moved down the road and although under fire from the Jaegers surged over the bridge .

Things were looking black for the Prussians , when the first of their reinforcements arrived .

By the end of turn 10 the situation looks like this -

On the left flank the Hussars have destroyed the Frei Korps , but have not yet managed to rally . The Grenz deploy ready to drive the Jaegers out of the wood - however the Prussian Hussars are moving up the other side of the camp. On the right the Austrians are across the bridge driving the Jaegers before them . I  have been playing this solo using Grant's rules with  modification - units being activated by the turn of playing cards .( red = Prussia black = Austria) . This system I borrowed from 'Lead Gardens' blog , casualties are allocated by card also (Face card = officer casualty).The system works well and there is no need to write orders , which is not practicable in solo play .
too be continued....

Saturday 28 May 2011

Mini Campaign - Capture the bridge (1)

I have decided to run a sort of mini-campaign comprising of 3 battles linked together by the result of the previous battle. The first one will be -Capture the bridge , the idea being that the Austrians running short of rations and fodder for man and horse decide to cross into Prussian territory and pillage the local resources . So the first battle is a raid to capture a river crossing guarded by a small Prussian force comprising of a battalion of Frie Korps and a Jaeger Battalion , the Prussians have other troops off table which may or may not come to their aid depending on dice rolls. The Austrian force is lead by a regiment of Hussars and a battalion of Croats supported by 2 battalions of line infantry and battalion gun .
2 views of the battlefield with the Prussian camp laid out near 'The Alte Fritz' public house guarding the bridge . The Austrian Hussars can be seen entering the table . The Austrians have been given information of a ford down stream and are planning to use this in their attack .
All is quiet in the Prussian camp as the Frei Korps battalion have their morning parade , the Jeagers are billeted in the pub and surrounding buildings  and have not turned out (I wonder why ?).
The Prussian commanding officer Hertz Van Hyre ( a dutchman in Prussian service ) goes for his morning ride to inspect the camp , little knowing the impending threat . to be continued ........

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Battle of Sawmill Village (2)

The Austrian Pandour Lt infantry emerge from the wood onto the left flank of the Prussians , and start causing casualties .
The Prussian left flank began to crumble as did the Austrian left flank - especially when the Austrian CinC was killed by a lucky shot of canister from the Prussian cannon .
Due time restrictions it was impossible to take this game any further , at this point it was a draw . The rules worked well although I think I would increase the movement rates as these where a little slow .
The final position of troops at the end of the game , I will certainly be using these rules again as they gave a 'Old School' feeling to the game .

Monday 16 May 2011

Battle of Sawmill Village (1)

The battle field is based on the classic Grant scenario 'Sawmill Village' . I'm afraid the hills don't show up on this photo .
The armies march on, I was using double moves till the forces came within 24" . the rules ' Nostalgic Whim' use a variable movement for units .
The Austrians moved faster and deployed a foot battalion North of the village and their lt inf Pandours moved through the wood to the West . The Prussians split their forces - the Grenadiers and the gun move to the North of the wooded hill and the 2 Line Battalions move slowly to the South.

The Prussian Grenadiers deploy to confront the Austrian line , the other supporting units on both sides are slowly moving up .

The Prussian Regt Von Finck move up to deploy South of the village . I think I would use triple movement to speed things up in the future . Part 2 to follow -

Sunday 15 May 2011

French-Indian Wars figures

These are some photos of the FIW figures that I am painting up . They are Redoubt figures which are a bit chunky but paint up easily .

They are Rogers Rangers , British Light Infantry - 55th Foot and French Coureurs De Bois . I am not sure which rules to use with these figures - there are plenty out there . Have just got a copy of Charles Wesencrafts 'Practical Wargaming' which have a set of SYW  rules , these where use in a FIW scenario in the latest 'Classic Wargames Journal' and look interesting - they use groups of 6-8 figures , so when I get enough figures painted I will give them a try . Click on photos to enlarge - and I have been messing with Photo Shop hence the gun smoke !.

Saturday 7 May 2011

Prussian General Staff

Prussian Commander in Chief with staff , Bosniak guards and Lady friend
Making the grand Strategy (the ladies are about to venture their opinions)
The mounted Generals are a mixture of Willie and Spencer Smith , the Bosniaks are by Irregular. The dismounted staff are I think Stadden and the camp followers are Foundry , wagon and table by Irregular . I hope to do a battle report in the near future as I am keen to try out a new set of rules 'A Nostalgic Whim' ,which have been written by the proprietor of the Independent Wargames Group . They are a amalgamation of Featherstone, Grant and various other Old School rules . they look good so I can't wait to try them out.

Tuesday 3 May 2011

More Photos of my Collection

The 1st Battalion of the Regiment Saxe Gotha advancing in column of march

Saxe Gotha advancing in line
The Austrian General Staff overseeing the maneuvers
The Austrian Artillery on the march
Most of the figures are Spencer Smith, (with the odd Willie General) not to every bodies taste - in their plain casting state a bit of a shock to gamers brought up on Perry or Foundry . But to me they have there own antique charm and they are cheap and VERY easy to paint on mass !.I find I am able to paint detail onto them easily and so each figure becomes a one off individual. I started painting them over 2 years ago and I'm pleased to say they have had a lot of use on the table since then . (click on photos to enlarge)