Sunday 29 April 2012

Prussian Fusileers.

Had to go for the CinemaScope shot to cram the complete regiment on ! 42 figures takes some getting in .

In three ranks they fit better , they are Spencer Smith 30mm figures and portray the Prussian Fusilier Regiment 'Von Kraytzen'.

The rank and file are converted grenadier figures and have had their mitres cut down and filed to make the shorter fusilier cap .

The rose coloured facings look rather pretty I think and will make them stand out on the wargaming table.

They march off to war past the new wargames rules book by C.S. Grant , a much needed expansion and explanation  of the original 1970s rule set. One of my problems at the moment is the number of new rule sets I have bought recently -very hard to sit down and read and absorb more than one at once !.

P.S. Thanks to Scott B. Lesch for pointing me to this reenactment group who portray the unit.

Saturday 28 April 2012

British Light Cavalry ( Of WW2 )

Sorry for the delay in posting anything but a combination of a visit to Salute ( see my other blog ) , problems with camera battery and real life held things up.

Got my British Vickers MkVI Bs  done for FOW  , looked up the 'Caunter' style camouflage on the web and there seems to be conflicting evidence on the actual colours used !.

In the end I copied the colour scheme from the FOW 'Hellfire and Back' campaign book. After a defeat at the hands of 'S' and the Italians I will need all the armoured support I can get !.

Sunday 15 April 2012

FOW Italian Artillery.

Decided the Italians were falling behind in the arms race , so painted up some artillery for them.

They are a battery of 75/27 Guns with command and spotting team.

Monday 9 April 2012

More Victoriana.

Done some more of the West Wind Victorian figures (no it's NOT Dick Van Dycke on the left)

The backdrop came from a Model Railway supplier.

A famous Consulting Detective and comrade in detection find another victim !.

Sunday 1 April 2012

Potential Victorian 'Steam Punk'

Inspired by the forthcoming West Wind 'Empire of the Dead' 
I been painting up some Victorian figures which I've had for a while .

The 'Peelers' chase a suspect .

'ORRIBLE MURDER' in Whitechapel !

The 'Ripper' confronted !. All figures by West Wind. Think I'm going to have to get this set of rules . (click on photos to enlarge)