Sunday 24 February 2013

O.S. Artillery Device.

Been thinking about Don Featherstone's Horse & Musket rules and whilst dipping into his 'Advanced Wargames' came across the above device for adjudicating artillery casualties.
I've always liked wargaming devices - blast circles and the like which are to me the very essence of Old School gaming . The above is my Mark III S.C.A.D. ( Shell Casualties Adjudication Device ), a veil is best drawn over the Mark I and II ( my wife commented on my language not being very appropriate for a Sunday morning ! ), however on my third try I got it right !. Cut from thick plastic and mounted on cocktail sticks - high enough to fit over cavalry as well.
I would like to say that the blast circles are to a scale based on some 19th century gunnery book - but the happened to be the size of a jam jar lid I drew around (about 3"). How it works - the S.C.A.D. is placed over the target and a dice is thrown - at long range 18"- 36", the shell lands on the appropriated circle. At ranges 9"- 18", the on the inner 4 circles as per the dice thrown ( small numbers in brackets). Under 9" the shell lands on the inner 2 circles, dice 123 left circle, 456 right circle . Any figures under the circle are casualties and saving throws are taken . For a better explanation and more ideas  I suggest Featherstone's 'Advanced War Games' . I am going to play another O.S. ACW game to try this device out and will report back with how it performs.
I managed to scan the photo from Don Featherstone's 'Advanced War Games'  (not very well !) which illustrates how he used the blast circles - the arrow on '1' being I take it the direction of fire - hence on a roll of '2' on the dice figures under the circle 2 are casualties . I do take on board what people are commenting that shots under and over would be more common and after experiments I may end up doing it this way .

Saturday 23 February 2013

O.S. FPW Chasseurs a Pied.

Last weekends Spring like weather was a illusion and this week its been back to Winter , this means it's been to cold to play a game in my wargaming room - unheated and notorious amongst my wargaming colleagues who tend to call dressed for the Arctic at this time of years . However this has meant that I've had a bit of a 'paintfest' this last week or so and have got another French unit done.
This a Regiment of Chasseurs a Pied , here seen in skirmish order.
I found out that these regiments of light infantry did not carry standards at this time so I had to order another bugler to take the standard bearers place . I'm really enjoying painting these figures and can't wait to try them out on the table.

Sunday 17 February 2013

O.S. FPW High Command.

I should really be painting line infantry units but when these figures arrived through the post I decided I must get them painted ! . Above is the Prussian C in C and his staff , they are 30mm Tradition figures.
The French High Command, these are Willie 30mm. I ordered them from Tradition of London and rather expensive they were ! but very nice indeed . ( I did at one point think of giving my French units a Vivandiere each - but not at these prices ! )

Monday 11 February 2013

O.S. ACW Game. (part 2)

The Union Zouaves close in and engage the Rebels .
The Confederates charge and engage in a bloody melee .
The Confederates are defeated and flee , with the last move done and night falling it was time to work out who had won !.
As the situation was mixed for both sides I did a head count of casualties and the Confederates had suffered half as many again - so I judged that they had lost and would have to retire . The above photo is the finishing positions of the troops . On the left the Union hold the ridge and have succeeded in causing casualties on the Rebel gun preventing it firing each move . The Confederates hold the road in the centre , on the right the Confederates hold the ridge but are isolated as the survivor's of their flanking regiment stream to the rear and they face off the 2 Union regiments . A close call but the Rebel heavy casualties and the loss of the firepower of their gun just turned it into a victory for the Union forces ! . The rules gave a very fast game , my initial worries about the artillery firepower seemed to even out as the game went on. I would allow both ranks to fire not just the front one as my figures are based and Donald Featherstone's were not and they would take up to much room in a single line  . I don't want to mess to much with the rules and so will give them another game or two to try them out .

Wednesday 6 February 2013

O.S. ACW Game. (part 1)

I am planning to use Donald Featherstone's Horse and Musket rules for my Old School FPW  games and thought it might be interesting to try them out - the last time I used them was probably about 35+ years ago !.

Not having enough FPW figures painted up I decided to dig out some Spencer Smith ACW figures to play a game .
The layout of the table and objective - Thoroughfare Gap . The game will last 8 moves .
My opponent 'A' scrutinises the rules for loopholes !
The Union forces march onto the table - been playing around with Picassa for period effect !
The Confederate general sights the artillery personally.
The Union forces deploy .
The Union take the Gap under heavy artillery fire ! . The rules seem to be giving a fast paced game - maybe artillery fire needs toning down a bit but will see how the game progresses . Too be continued....

Sunday 3 February 2013

O.S FPW Prussian Artillery.

Once more I have been seduced from the straight and narrow by an artillery piece and crew.
This time it is a Prussian Krupp gun and crew .
Another very nice gun , it fitted together very well and the crew had only the odd arm to glue on. I must now get back to doing the line infantry units , I'm in the process of painting a French Chasseur de pied regiment , so back to the painting table !. I'm about half way to having a small game using the Featherstone Horse & Musket rules.