Sunday 23 September 2012

Book That Launched A Thousand Wargaming Armies.

There is a book which a certain generation of wargamers must all have , coming from an era without the Internet and the gaming press, which must have inspired so many wargaming armies with its bright illustrations and thumbnail descriptions of wars -
I bought my copy from Henry Roberts Bookshop (still on the go, but a sad shade of its former glory) in 1969 for the sum of 30 shillings* - quite expensive as my starting wage at work a year later was only £7 10s 0d - before tax etc. From its pages one learnt about the 2nd Schleswig war and the Mexican Adventure, the hours I  must have spent looking at this book don't bear thinking about  ( and the money spent on metal figures that formed the armies it generated !) . Not sure if Blandford's are still publishing but they where a major force in the early 70's in providing uniform information to the gamer/modeller . So I'm going to sit down with it and a cup of tea ( and biscuits of course) to wallow in nostalgia and hope it does not weave its old magic again and cost me money for more lead . 
*younger readers must forgive my lapse into pre decimal old £ s d

Monday 17 September 2012

On Holiday.

Been on a holiday - a week living in a Yurt in Norfolk - without the rancid butter tea a la Mongolia and with a duveted double bed, fridge and gas cooker very luxurious , we were both impressed !
Not much military/wargaming content to the holiday but I did manage a afternoon at the Muckleburgh Collection . Very good indeed , nicely laid out and informative.
A Churchill tank - Mark 1 - I think  ( if I'm wrong I'm sure 'A' will let me know, he being a bit of a 'track head' )
British 25 pdr ( just been painting some of these - in 15mm though)
2 pdr Anti Tank gun .
Bren gun Carrier or is it a Scout Carrier ?
American 'Honey' tank. (so cute !) (if a tank can be cute)
The author and a Russian T34/85 , I was very impressed with this tank !.
A view inside the T34 , through the drivers hatch - bit rough or what ?!. This tank was bought from Eastern Europe in working order .
Very workmanlike !
Noticeably lighter coloured paint work than my attempts for FOW !
Cast turret - very rough indeed ! ( going to give over now this is getting a bit anal !)


Tuesday 11 September 2012

Gebirgsjager (Mountain Troops)

Been very busy in other aspects of my gaming life and am aware that my Flames of War late war Germans/Russians seem to have fallen by the wayside somewhat . So I decided to paint up some German infantry to support my at the moment tank only force .

I decided to do Mountain troops just to be that bit different and the figures are cute.

Next to the Russians the Germans are up there with unpronounceable unit titles !. The scenery is some of the excellent 'Battlefield in a Box' which comes ready painted ( I don't like painting scenery !) at a reasonable price. The figures are Battlefronts 15mm . For those of you awaiting further news of my 'wargaming pledge'  I am taking the PP Samurai rules on holiday with me to read again and a game will follow on my return !.

Tuesday 4 September 2012

A Step Nearer

Well I have read 'Battles in the Age of War' the Peter Pig wargaming rules for Samurai warfare . Not as onerous as I first thought it would be as lots of the gaming mechanisms are similar to his other rules 'Regiment of Foot' for the ECW  . I have got the Japanese buildings done and a Torii gateway for a objective marker as well . I have also copied a couple of army lists sheets - so we are ready to go ! . However as I'm off on holiday at the weekend the game will have to wait a week till I return , I will take the rules with me to swot up on them again . Too be continued ........ (hopefully)