Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year Battle. (1)

Inspired by various Christmas presents in the form of SYW  books and my recent painting of Spencer Smith Austrian Grenadiers I  decided to play a small raid type game using Grant's 'The Wargame' rules.

The two Grenadier Battalions move forward in the early morning gloom towards a secret river crossing . General Mouters sends the accompanying artillery and the Pioneers with the explosives towards the bridge .

 The Grenadiers are lead towards the secret ford by a Austrian spy in disguise as a shepard.

Meanwhile a Hussar Regiment makes a dash for the bridge to capture it before the newly aroused Prussian village militia  can form up.

The village militia form up and move forward to defend the bridge .

 Warned of the oncoming Austrians the Prussian Frei Korps Battalion Kalben form up .

 The Prussians have been caught napping and the Commanding officer Von Grunte orders his men into line ( note his mistress Mitzi runs to say good luck !)

 The Austrians start to cross the ford . All troop positions where diced for randomly at the start of the game and the Austrians were given a double move to get things going. Prussian forces were activated on a increasing dice roll. (click on photos to enlarge) Too be continued ....

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