Saturday, 4 February 2012


Been tidying my book shelves - had to - trying to track down a missing book , and came across my old rather battered copy of the above book . I first came across it in the school library- I was a library monitor - you got to stay in the library sorting books etc- excellent on cold /wet days rather than have to go out into the playground . I had always been keen on plastic Airfix figures , which were all the thing then - 1967ish and vaguely knew about the concept of wargaming, but not how to do it , so this book was like finding the Holy Grail !.  I played ACW , Ancients and WW2 using these rules and plastic figures- it was brilliant ! and I  don't think I've ever since recaptured the excitement of those early games !. This set me thinking - what if  I had not come across this book ?- would I  have become a wargamer ? - I had always made plastic kits so I might have gone down the road of military modelling ?- who can tell - I would certainly have saved a LOT of money - but I would have missed so much !.

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