Saturday, 16 June 2012

Woodland Folk.

In wargaming there is nothing better than getting around to using something you bought years ago . I've been painting more figures for 'Muskets & Tomahawks' and came across these Eastern Indian Lodges I got off a bring and buy at least 5 years ago - though they were a bargain but never had a reason to use them - till now !.

In 'M&T' buildings are needed as objectives for scenarios , I have several cabins but these will give the Indians somewhere to live. I think they are 'Grand Manner' buildings and as the posts that hold the porch roof up had snapped off I drilled holes in the bases and glued in some bamboo skewers .

I think they may also have had canoes on the logs next to them but I don't have these now ( not sure if I every had them ! ) and I have painted some Indian 'civilian' figures to go with them ( Redoubt figs)


  1. Splendid buildings indeed. It is a joy to use stuff that one has ferreted away for a rainy day...

  2. They look superb, really set the scene beautifully.

  3. Great work there! Who does n't love a bargain in our hobby!