Monday 17 September 2012

On Holiday.

Been on a holiday - a week living in a Yurt in Norfolk - without the rancid butter tea a la Mongolia and with a duveted double bed, fridge and gas cooker very luxurious , we were both impressed !
Not much military/wargaming content to the holiday but I did manage a afternoon at the Muckleburgh Collection . Very good indeed , nicely laid out and informative.
A Churchill tank - Mark 1 - I think  ( if I'm wrong I'm sure 'A' will let me know, he being a bit of a 'track head' )
British 25 pdr ( just been painting some of these - in 15mm though)
2 pdr Anti Tank gun .
Bren gun Carrier or is it a Scout Carrier ?
American 'Honey' tank. (so cute !) (if a tank can be cute)
The author and a Russian T34/85 , I was very impressed with this tank !.
A view inside the T34 , through the drivers hatch - bit rough or what ?!. This tank was bought from Eastern Europe in working order .
Very workmanlike !
Noticeably lighter coloured paint work than my attempts for FOW !
Cast turret - very rough indeed ! ( going to give over now this is getting a bit anal !)



  1. A yurt - that's a great idea for a holiday! Lovely shots, and especially of that T34/85.


  2. Of course tanks can be cute. Have you ever seen a 38(t) Hetzer?