Wednesday 24 July 2013

300 Spartans ( Well 46 Actually)

In a burst of painting activity (or a 'Paintfest' as it is known locally) I have got the Spartan Army done to oppose my Greek Hopilites . In DBA an army only consists of 12 elements , the Spartan one is especially challenging as it has 11 bases of spearmen and only 1 of skirmishers  , one of the spearmen bases is also the Generals base .
I will be using the first edition DBA  rules as these are the simplest and the other subsequent editions got to complicated and legalistic !.


  1. What? Are you saying that you fail to prefer Barkerese to English?

    Tsk, tsk.

    Mind you Barker's convoluted sentences in WRG 7th used to drive us nuts.

    By the way, another free option is to play some Basic Impetus. I've never tried it, but it has certainly had a lot of positive response on the Net.

    Units are basically twice as wide as DBA basing, I believe . . . and it is easy enough to use cardstock sabots underneath your current figures for a try out.

    -- Jeff

    1. A lot of my grey hairs are down to WRG ! , when it came down to DBA 1.1 PLUS he threw the baby out with the bath water ! . Will have a look at Basic Impetus too Cheers Tony

  2. This is Sparta! Wonderful job Sir.