Friday, 19 July 2013

Finished !!!!

It is with great pleasure I can announce that I have finished painting my 15mm Greek Hopilite DBA army. Phew- it has take some time !, I have found it very hard work going back to painting 15mm Ancients after mainly painting 40mm figures of late - they are soooo b****y small !. I have started on their opponents , the Spartans ,which being a bit more regimented should be easier to get through - I hope !.    P.S I used shield transfers - my hand is NOT  that steady !.
P.S. 'A' has just pointed out to me that not everybody will realise that a DBA army comprises of only 12 elements.


  1. Well done that man, they look wonderful.

  2. Excellent work! But what is this 'finished' of which you speak?

    1. Well its taken me quite a time to finish them as my heart was not in it - I dislike 15mm figure painting , but I like playing DBA , Tony