Tuesday 17 September 2013

Neapolitan Infantry

I've got the first unit of Neapolitans done to oppose the Garibaldini - the 10th Regiment. This will be a 'standard unit' for 'Black Powder' rules although I will add another base as I think 16 figures looks a bit small !.
I could have painted their trousers white (summer wear) but being a wargamer I could not resist the winter uniform of red trousers . The Neapolitan regimental flags have a complicated coat of arms on them but with modern technology and 'cut and paste' I managed to knock one up - and now nobody can see it on the model - rats!!! , the flag pole took several attempts to get right as well . I 've started on a second unit so I'm pleased with the way the project is coming on .


  1. The Italians were not the best fighters, but had beautiful uniforms. Good choice to paint this regiment - great!