Tuesday 29 October 2013

'Longstreet' Campaign , First Battle 1861

I have started the campaign from the 'Longstreet' rules - my Commander is Col. Randall Hill who served in the Regular Artillery before the war and then moved into railroads , but has answered his countries call and re-joined the army . (Randall Hill is the name of a bungalow in our village - it always sounds like an American politician to me !)

His Brigade . The first battle is set in 1861 and his Brigade has been given the task of capturing a ridge from the enemy . It was played against my gaming colleague 'A'.
'A' insisted on bringing his own General figure .
My troops prepare to attack .
Col. Hill helps position and aim the guns personally - with impressive results !.
'A' consults his cards and by the demonic look in his eyes - Beelzebub as well !.
My attack goes in !.
The highpoint of my game - the cavalry overrun his guns !
I'm afraid to say that I didn't manage to record the rest of the battle as the action grew furious and although I took his guns and captured one of the objective markers I was forced back, ran out of command cards and so lost the battle !. How this will affect the Brigade will have to be diced for and the results posted next time.  


  1. And how do you think that the rules worked, sir?

    -- Jeff

  2. As a game system they work very well , the cards add a fog of war and you have to judge when to play them to the best advantage . They also play well solo , if they are ACW - that's up to the individual , but the mechanisms themselves are very simple its the card system that adds depth. Tony

  3. Interesting! Pity you were unable to record the remainder of the action - sounds like a near run thing. No doubt a commander as astute as Brig. Randall Hill (USA) could write up a victory, having taken the Rebel guns... :-)
    I liked 'A's Stonewall Jackson impression - playing his cards close to his chest...

  4. Even though you lost the battle, your troups did well. Good luck on your way towards prestige ;)