Wednesday, 30 October 2013

After The Battle Caculations.

After the battle you then go through a series of 'Post Battle' processes - Randall Hill goes up a rank and receives 3 Elan Points (EP) - 2 for turning up and 1 for leading a charge. The individual regiments take permanent battle losses plus any losses due to camp fevers and as you can see most units lost heavily . The 1st Michigan became 'Seasoned Veterans' , the 38th N.Y. received a 'Hero' and a new regiment was transferred into the Brigade the 4th Michigan- a Seasoned Veteran unit who also have a attached company of Sharpshooters .  To bring the Brigade up to the required number of bases (40) another unit is added the 11th N.Y. (Fire Zouaves) . I am now ready to fight the next battle which takes place in 1862.

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  1. I quite like this form of campaign - recall something vaguely similar in terms of career development in the 'Space Crusade' figure/board game, and in the old PC game 'Europe in Flames' (WW2). As you gain greater responsibility and (occasionally) more troops, the challenges become commensurately tougher.

    I shall be following Col Randal Hill's career with interest!