Sunday 24 November 2013

O.S. F.P.W. Bavarians - And A Challenge.

I was talking to 'S' about Don Featherstone and his great influence on me and my hobby and said I had been thinking of a sort of commemorative game to mark the 50th Anniversary of the publication of his rules . 'S' said that he was available sometime over Christmas and we should play the game then , "you could get the rest of that F.P.W. stuff done and we could use it for the game !" - he said . The gauntlet having been thrown down I have started to finish off the figures I have in storage -  4 units of foot and a Prussian gun and a French Mitrailleuse . Luckly I had already started painting the Bavarians .
This means I have a Wurttemberg Regt. for the Prussians and a Zouave Regt. and a Algerian Turco Regt. for the French - Damn !- two rather complicated uniforms there !. However I am setting to and hope to complete them by Christmas - phew !.
As well as the Bavarians I did another Prussian Brigadier in the form of this rather 'natty' Bavarian . Well I had better get on painting - Turcos first I think !.


  1. Superb all round, but that brigadier is just wonderful, particularly his mount.

  2. Who makes those figures? I really like the style.

    1. They are produced by Spencer Smith -

  3. A considerable challenge! Good luck with meeting your targets!

  4. Brilliant painting. That varnish finishes them off so well too.