Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Bridge At Forgerons (Part1)

To celebrate my completion of my Franco Prussian project I've decided to do a series of battles with Featherstone's Horse & Musket rules using my newly painted figures . The first part of the battle is a meeting engagement to secure the bridge over the Peit Ruisseau River at the small hamlet at Forgerons . The French force of a Cavalry Brigade , Infantry Brigade and Artillery piece come onto the board nearest the bottom of the photo . The Prussian force appear on the top left hand road and are of a similar composition .

The starting positions were randomly diced for , as was the number of moves - it was to be 10 moves so the engagement started at daybreak and would last all day till evening. The French Chasseures d' Africa lead by Brigadier Camembert move up the road towards the hamlet.

The Prussians move onto the table lead by the 13th Dragoons under Brigadier Bock. 

The forces move towards the bridge and the French Chasseurs charge over it .

But the Prussians have time to expand their formation and counter charge !.

The French loose the melee and flee back over the bridge .

Camembert manages to rally them as the Prussians follow up over the bridge and are themselves counter charged by the French Lancers .

The French Infantry Brigade move up to reinforce the cavalry under general Beaufort.

The Prussian Dragoons are driven back as both sides move their infantry up . One of the Prussian battalions cross the river and the French respond to this by moving a infantry unit to cover their left flank.

The Prussians advance and the Hussars prepare to charge over the bridge.

The situation about midday . The Prussian infantry climb the hill on the left and another one holds the crook in the river near the bridge , the cavalry reorganise at the fork in the roads. The French Chasseurs move to counter the Prussians on their left , the French infantry deploy and start a fire-fight with the Prussians whilst the other infantry unit prepares to charge over the bridge . The French Lancers retire due to heavy casualties on the right covered by the artillery.  

The Prussian Hussars take heavy casualties from the French artillery and flee the field . The French infantry's charge is countered by the much depleted Dragoons who win the melee and force the French to flee. 

With the day coming to a close the French are forced to retire, their infantry finally being rallied by the CinC himself . 

As night falls the Prussians move up to take possession of the village . A Prussian victory on day one with the casualties being about even - French 12 cavalry,18 infantry and 1 artilleryman ., the Prussians 13 cavalry and 14 infantry casualties . Both sides will get back half their casualties back for day two although the cavalry regiments that routed off the table will not appear . Too be continued ...


  1. A good brisk encounter that sounded fun and looks great. They are off to a grand start!

    (Not naming names but seems to me that one side could use a little more moral fibre and a little less audace!)

  2. Beautiful looking game, very inspiring.

  3. A splendid game. You don't expect the French to turn up tomorrow?

    1. Reinforcement will arrive when diced for .

  4. Very 'Old School' I think, but you had fun which is all that matters in the end for me.

  5. Great looking collection. Inspiring stuff!

  6. Where did you find the Featherstone rules? Are they available on the Web somewhere, or in some book?

    1. They are in his 1960's book - 'Wargaming' , which appears on Amazon second hand occasionally - although it has been reprinted . Spencer Smith figures carry a pdf copy edition of his Horse & Musket rules at - for £2

    2. Thanks very much

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