Friday, 19 October 2012

FOW Early Desert Game (Part Two)

The Italian tankettes move swiftly to try and flank the British force and end up having a gunfight with the British armoured cars which swung backwards and forwards for the rest of the game.
The Italian infantry move forward (somewhat slowly) to engage the enemy infantry in the buildings as the tanks start to take causalities from the British guns.
The casualties were not all one way though- a British gun is knocked out !.
The tanketes start to take casualties as well.
The tankettes in the centre charge the guns in a desperate bid to reach the objective and are knocked out and fail a morale test.
The Italian heavy tanks are blown up one after the other - Hodge the cat looks on in disdain - he is more of a SYW period cat and secretly disapproves of FOW !.
By move 7 the Italians had no operational units in the British half of the table and so lost the battle !. The British armoured cars where the man of the match gallantly holding off the Italian tankettes , the Italians failed a lot of motivation tests and so were not able to exploit any successes they had and were a bit unlucky with their shooting. A great game I  thought and nice to get my figures on the table once again.