Sunday, 14 October 2012

FOW Early Desert Game (Part One)

I have decided to do an FOW  desert game as I have been busy painting up some extra bits and pieces for the Brits. I made up 6 X 800pt armies for both the British and the Italians and dice for which ones would take the field , the British 'Jock Force' ended up facing a Italian Tank Company (!) . I then dice for the scenario as in the rule book and got 'Hold the Line' , the British have to hold 2 objectives at the far end of the table and the Italians have to capture them . The British only have 2 platoons on at start (gulp!) , the Italians all their forces .

The Italians set up out of the way of the British 18/25pdr's .
The British have dug their guns in to cover both objectives . The Motorised infantry platoon is being held in ambush on the table.
The Italians speed forward with their Tanketts and the British ambush is revealed and opens fire on the leading Tanketts - and does no harm !.
The Artillery however is more successful and its bombardment takes out a anti-tank gun and pins the Italian Conscript infantry.
The first of the British reserves come onto the table and decide to lurk in ambush . Too be continued.........


  1. Nice looking table love the smoke/dust effects

  2. Wonderful table, I really like the decors and the smokes! Great figs too!