Saturday, 6 October 2012

Samurai Game

Well I finished the Peter Pig Samurai game but no photos I'm afraid as my camera battery failed just prior to the game and I did not want to postpone the final moves as I wanted the table clear for the next game. The rules worked well and having played PP's Wars of the Roses (Bloody Barons) I found a lot of the mechanisms were similar . The rules have little nuances that try to bring out Japanese warfare i.e. the use of a command centre for the senior general , messengers to help control the battle and personal challenges between generals and unit leaders. Altogether I was pleased with the experience and am tempted to buy and paint up some more figures and some 'Japanesey' scenery.


  1. So many questions:
    How long did it take to play?
    What parts of the game stand out to you as "fun" or unique.

    Your game looks really nice btw.

    1. Bad to say how long it took as I played it solo , but the ECW/WOTR variants are played in about 2-3 hours. Having played the other variants a lot of the rule mechanisums were familiar , I find the pre battle 'campaign' manufactures a scenario which is unique to each game and produces a game I could not of thought of myself.