Tuesday 13 November 2012

Franco-Prussian Old School Style.(French Army)

I have decided that the French Army will comprise of 3 Brigades each of 2 units -
  1. 2  Battalions of line infantry each of 20 figures and a Mounted Brigadier
  2. 1  Battalion of line infantry and 1 of Chasseurs a Pied (count as lights) plus Brigadier.
  3. 1  Battalion of Zouaves and 1 of the Guard (count as Guards) plus Brigadier
The cavalry will have 1 Brigade of 2 units -
1 unit of Hussars and 1 unit of Cuirassier each of 15 figures  and a Brigadier.
The artillery will be 2 guns and 10 crew.
The Staff will be a mounted General and a ADC.
Now to think of the Prussian Army.


  1. Great choice Mosstrooper!

    I would go in this direction myself if I wasn't committed to enlarging my Spencer Smith ACW collection.


  2. Sounds like a good balanced force mosstrooper.

  3. Excellent plans ,I look forward to seeing them progress...

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