Friday, 21 June 2013

A Trip to the Dark Side.

Okay so I'm jumping on the 'band wagon' but having read several reviews and seen some of the demo films about it on 'You Tube' I took the plunge and bought a couple of the starter sets of X-Wing - Oh and a playing mat - and some asteroids - you need asteroids don't you !.
The Rebel X wing fighter with control dial to plot your movement . They come prepainted so you can be playing in minutes , the rules are a refined version of the popular WW1  air-war rules .
The opposition a Imperial TIE fighter - Boo Hiss !.
Having plotted your move on the dial you then use a template to move the space ship, here a bank to the right.
The baddy turns to the left , the counter is a 'action counter' that enables the ship to respond to firing etc - here it is an evade one.
He opens fire at long range !.
Dice are rolled - Red for the attack , Green for the defence. The Green evade symbols counteract the one hit on the Red dice - blank being a miss.
The Rebel ship fires now and is easily evaded .
The thing that makes it work so well for me playing solo most of the time is a system of solo rules for X-Wing from -
Very clever and well thought out they give you at times a very tough opponent , the above template is used to find out in which segment your nearest enemy is and a dice roll gets you a course to plot and a suitable action counter .
And of course you HAVE to have one of these !, the only down side is you end up making the all the swooshing and laser sounds to yourself - and embarrassingly to your wife as she peers into the gaming room to see what's going on !. May the Force be with you !.


  1. I think making swooshing noises with the Falcon is compulsory! Good review of a great's proved popular with most folk who've tried it out down at Guildford.

  2. Hi, Can I ask who makes the mat?

    1. Gale Force Nine (9) a thin PVC type material a bit expensive but very good - they also do a 'Death Star' one as well