Wednesday, 26 June 2013

O.S. F.P.W. French Lancers.

I should really be doing something constructive in the garden but my Hay Fever is bothering me so I have retreated inside and decided to glue up the next unit of my O.S.  Franco-Prussian War project. These are French Lancers and thoughtfully Spencer Smith provide brass wire for lances and even cut out pennons .
I normally hate figures that have to be glued together , but these fit very well with decent sized holes for the arms to fit into.
The swords come separate as well , but again fit beautifully.
The figures fit the horses as well ! - wonders will never cease !.
The two completed Officer figures - very cute !
The unit ready to be sprayed black , I resisted the temptation to glue the lances in before painting - have done this sort of thing before and have found it easier to fit them after painting . A good job done - Hmm better get on with the hoovering before my wife comes home.  

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