Thursday 6 June 2013

Back of Beyond Game.

I've had these rules for over a year and have never got around to trying them out , so when 'S' was coming around for a game it seemed a good opportunity to give them a run.
'S' brought along his Afghans who would be masquerading as Bukharin tribesmen and some Turks to help them out - I fielded a Bolshevik force of varying quality. 'S'  set up his tribesmen in the village and his Turkish troops would come on as reinforcements. My mission was to attack the village.
The village defenders .
My Naval troops move forward ! . I'm afraid I did not keep a blow by blow record of the encounter as things got hectic and we were learning the rules .
'S's reinforcements move onto the table .
The high point of the game (for me anyway !) as my forces storm into the village.
Oh Dear !!!!!!!
The result ! - don't have poor quality troops caught in the open by M/G's and dug in infantry !
The survivors take cover ! and are suppressed (hence the marker).
On the other flank my M/G  takes revenge ! (ammo box marker means they are running short of ammo - -1 to firing !)
By the end we were both paranoid about  M/G's and here 'S' s troops cower behind cover frightened about coming out ! . My troops started to run short of ammo towards the end of the game (when you fire if you roll more '1's than '6's you run short of ammo - do it twice and you've none left) and my casualties meant I had to take a Army morale test each move having failed this two goes running I had to retire off the table - Victory to 'S' !. The rules seem simple enough - D6 orientated and give a quick game - we rarely had to look at the rule book after the first few moves and each unit is randomly activated using a card system which adds tension to the game . We both learned lessons and think we will be giving these rules another try .


  1. nice batrep seems like a fun period to play.

  2. They look a really interesting set of rules, I have been working on adapting the Too Fat Lardies - Mud & Blood Rules for the Russo-Jap War, do you think these would work if you played 60 figures a side?

    1. The game we played had 60-70 figures per side plus a couple of M/Gs each . We played it in about 2 hours with plenty of chit chat and tea breaks.

    2. looks like it could be worth a purchase at the next show then.