Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Comfort Gaming (Part 2).

Unfortunately for the Pathans this card was drawn just before the Afghan regulars fled before the British charge - this meant that all future moral tests would be -3 , Oh dear !.

The Afghan regulars flee - never to be seen again !.

The overall situation , which is not looking good for the Pathans . In the top left a Tribal band flees from the Lancers , bottom left they are halted by the Lancers skirmish line . Two bands hold the village and have caused heavy casualties on the nearest Rajphuts unit forcing it to retire carrying off its wounded.

The pinned Pathans are caught by the returning Lancers and scattered !.

The other company of Rajphuts charge the village and -

The Tribesmen flee !

With most of the army fleeing the Afghans retire , here we see the commanders blaming each other . The British hampered by their wounded were unable to follow up . A cracking game - unfortunate for the Afghans drawing the chance card at the wrong time , but once more TSATF  delivers !.


  1. I've always enjoyed The Sword and the Flame . . . it might be "cinematic" but it is a lot of fun.

    -- Jeff

    1. In nearly 50 years of wargaming I've found they are the only rules that handle Colonial gaming for me !

  2. Not sure why this blog kerps falling off my reading list and thus out if my mind but I've just repinned it and have been catching up on some good pics.

    TS&TF is indeed a classic, versatile and dependable game. I've had tge pleasure once of gaming with the author, a real gentleman.

    1. I envy you meeting him ! an American 'Donald Featherstone' if there ever was one !