Sunday, 2 February 2014

Comfort Gaming (Part One).

Whenever I hit the 'Wargaming Doldrums' and are at a loss what to game next or lack enthusiasm -  I  fall back onto my old favourite The Sword And The Flame , 30 plus years old I find they still deliver !.In fact the would probably be my 'Desert Island rules set' .

My campaign of choice is usually the North West Frontier , here the Bengal Lancers move down the valley to intercept the Pathans.

The British Commander Col. Crawley (known as 'Creepy' to his men) .

The Wily Pathans lie in wait.

The object of the British force - a Russian military advisor , here seen have a disagreement with the Afghan leader.

The Afghan regulars open fire on the British force.

Capt. Broadbent leads the Rajphuts forward to get to grips with them !.

The Lancers advance , one Squadron dismounts to give covering fire.

The game is intterupted as the telegraph line is attacked by Hodge , note this photo is blurred as I lunge forward to rescue the telegraph pole from the jaws of the marauding cat.

The Lancers charge just falls short . The game is still in the balance and a further report will appear soon. The figures are a mixture of Foundry and Old Glory . 


  1. Excellent! I've never had a bad game of The Sword and the Flame; usually Sudan in my case but Boer war once too. Always wanted to do Northwest Frontier!

    1. Have the Sudan and Zulu war as well , but N.W. Frontier is my favourite.

  2. We used to play SAF Zulu at the local club using 1/72 figures...always a cracking game. I still have some of my HAT British (including Wallace the tame Regimental Impala).

  3. Great looking game.Enjoyed Hodge in action too.