Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cavalry For The Garibaldi Campaign.

Neither Garibaldi or his Neapolitan foes had much cavalry at the start of the Sicilian campaign , the only unit the Neapolitans had was the Horse Chasseur Regt. , which is portrayed above . 

Garibaldi had even fewer cavalry , in fact at the start of the campaign the Guides were not even mounted !. I have decided to give them horses - both units will count as 'small' under the 'Black Powder' rules. The figures are of course from Irregular.


  1. Very nice looking cavalry, love the Chasseurs!

  2. Interesting figures! Unusual period, what's the attraction?

    1. I was looking for a 'different' period to play the Blackpowder rules with and then read Herbert's book on Garibaldi and the Irregular figures are nice .

  3. Very nice indeed. Great uniforms.

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