Saturday 22 March 2014

Garibaldi - The First Game.

The other afternoon 'S' called round and we played a game using my Garibaldi figures which had not been used yet , we decided to use 'Black Powder' rules and set up a encounter game . Here the Garibaldini forces move onto the table . I'm afraid my photographic coverage of the battle is a bit patchy as I got caught up in the action.

The Neapolitan forces march on . 

The forces deploy.

The Neapolitan forces are a bit more sluggish in moving .

The battle was a close run thing , first a Neapolitan regiment routed soon followed by a Garibaldi Red Shirt unit.

On the other flank the Garibaldini skirmishers held off the enemy cavalry and finally routed them .

Things went wrong rapidly for Garibaldi as his Red Shirts were driven off and a suicidal charge by his cavalry was wiped out . A Neapolitan victory ! . A great little game , Black Powder is flexible enough to adapt to most periods and armies . This will inspire me to paint up the remaining figures for these armies. Oh and by the way 'S' won !. 


  1. Very colourful. Red trousers and proper hats beats red shirts. And they say being fashionable doesn't win wars?

  2. Nice to see them in action!

  3. A great looking game and good to see the troops in action.I am sure this will indeed have given you the impetus to finish the army .
    I have never tried black Powder but will file them away in the back of my mind as a possibility...

  4. Nice looking forces glad you enjoyed the game and inspired you to get more done :)

  5. Great looking game and figures!
    Love your stuff. Cheers PD