Thursday, 27 March 2014

Messing About On The Computer.

The weather has being inclement so I've spent the afternoon messing about on the computer , over the last month or so I've been playing the odd game of 'Songs of Blades and Hero' (SoBaH) fantasy skirmish rules using some Rackham plastic pre-painted figures that I got cheap when the firm went bust . I have also been re-painting some of them as they are nice figures but the paint job doesn't do them justice . I then thought I would make up some unit/figure type cards for them as it looks nicer than scribbling the stats down on a bit of paper. Several attempts later (and much bad language as I managed to delete my efforts at one point !) I came up with these - above my 'baddy' warband  - a Witch and 6 of her creatures .

And the 'goody' warband  a Hero, 5 Men at Arms and 3 Archers . The rules are simple but clever and give a good game in about 30/40 minutes . I've got a 'undead' warband to paint up as well and will post photos of them and a battle report soon. 


  1. Ah Rackham, I wish I had bought when they were available...
    I hope we will see piccies of some of your games...

  2. These rules look really good as do your figures..... I have a few weird Rackham imps and familiars which are rather fun.

    1. I only became aware of Rackham at their demise - they have a certain style all of their own .

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