Friday 14 March 2014

Nearly Finished ! .

Well I'm down to my two last units to paint , Prussian Dragoons and French Chasseurs D Africa . When these are painted I will have completed my Old School Franco-Prussian War project - as I originally envisioned it about 18 months ago . Must admit it is not usual for me to plan out a collection as precisely as this - normally my projects are very open ended with no target in sight , so I'm rather pleased with myself that I have been able to keep this one on course . However there are slight feelings of regret that I am coming to the finishing line with these figures and maybe in the future I will be adding the odd unit to them (French Guard in Bearskins ?) , These 2 units are now in the queue for my painting table and I will report my progress - watch this space ....


  1. You are a man of iron will, Sir. And those are two very nice armies.
    However, I understand that there are some additions to the range planned for this year that will test your resolve to the limit.

    In any case, I have enjoyed following your progress with these figures. Thank you for writing it up.

    1. Oh dear ! an extension to the range - I was half dreading this temptation - you don't happen to know what additions might be ?

  2. I rather like an open door policy myself. Perhaps once a few games have been played you'll see some room for reinforcements.

  3. Well done, clearly there are advantages to being retired.

  4. Steel yourself and paint some extra units, you know you want to! I have enjoyed following your progress on this project very much.