Monday, 21 November 2011

Warfare 2011 (Or 4 Go Mad in Oxfordshire)(Or rather Berkshire!*)

Well maybe not mad ! but a good time was had by all and we left a good few £s with various traders . We all helped unload 'S's people carrier , thank the lord scenery is not a heavy as lead ! and set up the S&A Scenery stall . Then people dispersed to spend money before the crowds of eager buyers descended on the stand. I must confess I forgot to take photos on the Saturday - busy on the stand and busy buying!. (click on photos to enlarge)

The Spoils of Warfare, somebody was selling off FOW scenery at half price so I  maxed out on the opportunity !

'A' reclines on his bed looking at his purchases (just prior to this he managed to spill his water bottle over the duvet !)

'B' (left) and Alan the proprietor of Lancashire Games or neighbour at the show

'A' and 'B' man the S&A Scenics stand

A magnificent 54mm Napoleonics game , they were using 'Blackpowder' rules .

I was VERY  impressed by this game ! a lot of effort had gone into it .

Some of the reinforcements awaiting to go onto the battlefield .

 A WW2 Far East game with some brilliant terrain .

It aint alf ot mum !

I did take notes on who was doing each game - but have lost them (oops) so I  am unable to say who did what - apologies !

A demonstration SAGA game the new Dark Age skirmish rules everybody is talking about .'B' managed to obtain a copy (they look interesting) but when 'S' tried to get a copy on Sunday they had sold out ! and I  was told that they are having to do a reprint , having run out of the first printing !.

'B' and 'S' survey the customers ( I agree a little off putting !)

One of the FOW competition games with the very impressive Battlegames Sahara fort (I was tempted to buy one but resisted)

 I was pleased with the standard of the boards being used in the FOW  games much better than the normal competition games.

Brr ! cold !1

'A' and 'B' study FOW ! The show ended about 3.30 when traders started packing up - we were on the road by 4.05pm and back home for 9.30pm . A great weekend had by all !. * 'B'  has just pointed out to me I  got my counties wrong ! Oops !.

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