Saturday 17 December 2011

SYW New Figures and Carts

The Grenadier Company of the Infantry Regiment 'Luzan' on route to join the main Austrian forces in winter camp. (click on photos to enlarge)

They halt to be inspected by the local Mayor and his good Lady wife (whilst one of the woman of the lesser orders tries to attract the bold Grenadiers from their duty). Grenadier figures are Spencer Smith's , the civilians are I think Tradition 'Willie' figures. Had these figures in storage for about 12 months and with my New Years gaming resolution to get existing lead painted before buying more I  thought it was time to get them started.

Prussian supply waggons guarded by Fusiliers move through a village .

The waggons and teams are by Irregular , Fusiliers by Spencer Smith (converted Grenadiers) and the civilians from various manufacturers.

The figures are painted with Games Workshop Acrylics over a black spray undercoat and a high gloss varnish coat (Yacht varnish). Have some more Austrian Grenadiers to do to bring them up to strength( 24 figures + 3 Officers and 2 Drummers) and a Prussian Grenadier Battalion to start on soon .


  1. Nice! I'm guess the civilians are "Willie" 30mm. I have a few similar figures.

  2. Atmospheric post - particuarly like the carts and civilans...

  3. Think they might be 'Willie' figures - got them off EBay , you can't beat Irregular for wagons .

  4. Lovely scenes!
    'Venus trying to disarm Mars" :)

  5. 'Venus trying to disarm Mars' - Oh very good sir !