Thursday 24 November 2011

FOW Game Using My New Terrain .

Inspired by my new purchases of FOW dedicated terrain , I  set up a 600pt game.(click on photos to enlarge)

Played the Free for All Scenario , positions of the units were diced for as this was a solo game.

British on the Left - Italians on the Right.

A British Motor Platoon moves up (with new dust clouds).

They deploy .

The Italian Tanketts move forward onto the flank.

The Italian Motorcycle Platoon open fire on the British.

The Italians move onto the British Right flank.

The Italian Motorcycle Platoons take heavy casualties.(they withdraw and try and work their way around the British Left flank).

The Tanketts shoot up the British transport.

They take casualties.

They race towards the Objective. (the British A/C shoot them up with their A/T guns).

The Motorcycle Platoon sweeps to victory capturing the other Objective and winning the game for the Italians . Great game - time to st down and read the rules again . Think I am getting the hang of them though.

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