Saturday 3 December 2011

FOW Re -Play.(1)

I decided to replay the game I  had with 'A', as it was already set out . (click on photos to enlarge)

The Italian tanks guard the objective.

Opposing them A/Cars of the 11th Hussars .

The Italian infantry hold the other objective with the Company HQ  covering it.

The Italian tanks respond to the British A/Cars bold movement.

The Italian HQ  is shot up by the British A/Cars - take a moral test and pass , the 'Unknown Hero' rule comes into pay !

Reinforcements arrive for both sides . The Italians deploy their Mortar Platoon - and are massacred by the British Lt Tanks .

The Italians get another Infantry Platoon and place it on the other objective , allowing the Italian tanks to move aggressively  towards the British objective - hotly pursued by the British A/Cars. Too be continued........ 


  1. I really like the dust cloud pieces to show that the units are in motion.

  2. Commercially made by the FOW people - but very effective.