Sunday 24 July 2011

Charge of the Light Brigade

Got back to re-basing my 15mm Peter Laing Crimean War , in a spurt of activity I got the entire Light Brigade done and Cardigan as their Brigadier .

Sorry for the rather sub-standard photos but the afternoon sun was streaming into the wargames room window and I had to shut the blind and turn the light on which has done strange things to the photos !.

The Lancer figure must be one of my all time favourite wargames figures.

In the background Lord Raglan surveys the troops (probably muttering about 'putting them in a band box' ) . Must take a better photo of him and staff . I find photographing 15mm far harder than 28mm +.

 The buildings are some I  handmade over 30 years ago (!)

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  1. Great figures! I have just started looking for Peter Laing figures and found your blog. I also just finished reading "The Reason Why". I was wondering if all the Crimean War figures you showed are Peter Laing?