Wednesday 13 July 2011

Find the ford (2)

General D'Laye finds the ford for the Prussians on the first attempt !

He leads the Dragoon Regt. Von Lanngermann across .

The Austrian infantry march onto the table lead by the Grenz Regt. Ottocaner with the 1st Batt. Lothringen following .

The Prussian Infantry Regt. Von Finck are accompanied by their Regimental artillery .

The Prussians cross the river but are confronted by the deploying Austrian cavalry - things start to look a bit grim !.

The situation at the end of today gaming - I'm confind to the house at moment due to Hayfever  , should be gardening but the farmer is cutting the grass in the field behind our house - so good excuse to game !!! . To be continued .....

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