Friday 22 July 2011

Find the ford (4)

The remaining squadron of the Prussian Cuirrasier managed to form and charge the Austrian Dragoons . They were lucky with the dice , being outnumbered 2-1 and broke the Austrians . The Prussian infantry started to cross the ford.

The Austrian infantry deployed and open fire on the reforming Prussian cavalry .

The Prussian cavalry fled having received crippling loses , the first of the Prussian infantry rush to cross the river and deploy.

The leading Prussian battalion takes heavy fire from the front and right flank.

It looses its Colonel and the Brigadier and tries to rally

Comte De Fru Fru moves the artillery forward to support the infantry but it is almost wiped out by skirmish fire from the Austrian Grenz.

With casualties mounting the 1st Battalion starts to fall back . At this point I decided that the Prussians had lost !. The Prussians were loosing men fast and with the Austrians in such a strong position they could not hold the ford.

 The final positions,  the Austrians hold a strong line having suffered no casualties as yet and will be able to destroy the enemy piecemeal . The Prussians have no chose but to withdraw covered by their Jaegers . A good game but I think the Prussians were up against it once they found the ford , closer support by the artillery and the Jaegers might have helped  . The Austrians although having their cavalry forced to retire were able to form a strong firing line and destroy the Prussians unit by unit . Comte Fru Fru is at this moment thinking of excuses to tell 'Alte Fritz' .

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